One Last Kill Psychological thriller independent movie
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On the eve of his execution, multiple murderer Curtis Starks is given the opportunity to make a final statement on video before his date with the Gas Chamber.

His final words are gripping, twisted and disturbed. A haunting vision into the warped mind of a brilliant but insane killer.

However, it pales in comparison to what Curtis has in store for three top psychologists and a young cameraman who become trapped in his world. - A world made up of a bizarre, life and death game of psychological torment, pitting three highly educated, gifted doctors against one social deviant.

...Seemingly a mismatch...


Unfortunately for the psychologists, it just may be...

Welcome to the home of the grittiest, most disturbing indie film you're ever gonna see...


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The cast & crew from One Last Kill movie
I'm playing Mr. Big Shot director, and I'm not sure, but it
looks like Director of Photography, Mike Cavanaugh,
is about to karate chop me.

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